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                  The working principle of the warp knitted—— warp knitting machine

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                  The working principle of the warp knitted—— warp knitting machine

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                  The working principle of the warp knitted, warp knitting machine

                  Warp knitting machine is mainly composed of weaving mechanism, stripping comb transversal, let-off mechanism, pull mechanism and transmission mechanism. 1) weaving institutions include needle bed, stripping comb, sinker bed and clamp, usually by the CAM or eccentric connecting rod transmission. CAM is often used in low speed, a motion law of the knitting elements more complex warp knitting machine. Eccentric connecting rod for smooth transmission, processing is simple, high speed of the wear and noise is small, so in the high speed warp knitting machine can be widely used. (2) the stripping comb transversal institutions, let the guide bar in the knitting process in accordance with the requirements of the knitted fabric organization transverse, will the ShaDian on the needle, is advantageous to the woven with a range of organizational structure of knitted fabrics. There are flowers general plate and CAM type two kinds. Flower plate after a certain shape and size of the flower board according to the requirement of the knitted fabric organization string into flower plate chain, the stripping comb transverse, suitable for weaving pattern more complex organization, pattern transformation is relatively convenient. In the CAM mechanism of CAM is in accordance with the fabric organization stripping comb transversal law required to design, transmission is smooth, can adapt to high speed weaving. (3) one of the beam on the warp, back into the knitting area. Have negative and positive two categories. Negative mechanism of the beam for the warp tension pull out warp, do not need special beam transmission device, suitable for complicated machine speed is low, let off warp knitting machine. The active let-off mechanism adopts special gear to transfer out of the warp beam back, induction and tension and linear speed induction. Tension induction mechanism through the induction of warp tension rod to control the size of the beam's speed. Linear speed induction mechanism by the size of the speed sensor sensing warp speed to control the speed of the warp beam. Such institutions at a predetermined speed out of warp, can work under the condition of high speed steadily, so at a high speed warp knitting machine is widely used. (4) pull role of the mechanism is based on a predetermined speed to pull the fabric from the weaving area and winding roll into cloth.


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