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                  A simple introduction of impregnated non-woven fabrics

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                  A simple introduction of impregnated non-woven fabrics

                  Release date:2015-08-22 00:00 Source: Views:

                  Impregnated non-woven fabrics include saturated impregnated impregnated non-woven non-woven fabric and foam. Non-woven fabric production process usually includes the following parts: network, reinforcement, volume cut. Impregnated non-woven fabric is put into a net, cotton net after dipping tank after drying into cloth again, the final volume. The key characteristic is impregnated impregnated non-woven fabrics. According to the features of the product, you can adjust the different working liquid, after dipping to meet the requirements of the product.

                  The biggest characteristic of impregnated non-woven fabric lies in the adjustment of the working fluid. Product features can be reflected in the working liquid, additional processing sequence does not need to put the finished fabric. In the working liquid, adjustment of features in common: hard and soft, waterproof, dyeing, water absorption, flame retardant, etc. In addition, impregnated non-woven takes the high temperature of 250 degrees out, according to the characteristics of the high temperature resistant is widely applied in various fields. Foam impregnated non-woven fabrics, but also because of its high standards of production, its products are widely used in the field of health materials. According to the characteristics of the production process (high temperature), general polyester fiber materials used for the raw material; The other a few polyamide fibers, viscose fiber as raw materials. After dipping the cloth, need to deal with the after the high temperature of 260 degrees, so the low melting point of impregnated non-woven material will not be able to do. So usually refers to the polyester fiber impregnated non-woven impregnated non-woven.

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