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                  Warp knitting lining to let you know the peach skin

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                  Warp knitting lining to let you know the peach skin

                  Release date:2015-08-24 00:00 Source: Views:

                  Warp knitted tell you peach skin after artificial chamois leather goods products are development of imitation leather fabrics, it is made of superfine fiber consisting of a thin fabric. Precision in the dyeing and finishing of sanded, make the fabric appearance tight cover is about 0.2 mm linter, like the appearance of peach, a novel and elegant appearance and good touch feeling, and popular with everyone, so named after the class for peach skin velvet fabric (peachskin). The sanded up has also been called "peach skin pack". The sanded packing bag yesterday in artificial chamois leather goods is also called "suede pack" is the same.

                  Peach skin velvet superfine fiber fabric is a kind of novel thin-disk pile fabric, it comes from artificial suede in, not by pu wet treatment, so the quality of a material is more soft. And because of the short pile more, appearance simply don't see hairs and skin but can perceive, handle and appearance, more exquisite and chic. Peach skin luster, soft and elegant, compared with artificial suede, to take a chic, suitable for the cost of the state of mind, to see you soon popular in the world market.

                  Peach skin velvet fabric composition of common personality, can say the superfine density thin fabric is root, and sanded up is the key of the goods.

                  The main factors influencing the sanded fabric effect are: sandpaper mesh selection, roller speed control, the touch area of roller and fabric, fabric of tension, sanded, roller speed and running speed, the balance of the fabric with moisture rate, sanded after disposal and sanded equipment selection, etc.

                  Peach skin goods, can be used as a clothing (jackets, dresses, etc.) fabrics, also can be used as a bag, shoes and hats, furniture decoration materials.


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