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                  Water pretreatment and dyeing cotton cloth wire

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                  Water pretreatment and dyeing cotton cloth wire

                  Release date:2015-08-24 00:00 Source: Views:

                  Water refers to the metal silk cloth metal fibre material into such as cotton, hemp, silk, polyester fiber, through special craft processing made of the fabric. Fabric surface with shiny noble metallic luster, unique style, feel smooth and soft, and has a unique memory stresses the wrinkle effect, has a group of wrinkles. In addition also has the shielding of electromagnetic wave and antibacterial effect. The characteristics of metal fiber fabric, it is easy to be in the printing and dyeing processing problems have crease, mosquito mouth and broken wires, etc. Crease, is local folding metal wire cloth, lead to not reply mark; Mosquitoes mouth, namely the wire loop, kink, empty out the cloth; Broken wire, metal wire is pulled, wring, wire head. If the above problems, may be seriously affected the quality of the metal fiber fabrics, damaging its unique feeling and style.

                  General technological process is: the blank check to sewing, singeing, stentering and to to cook bleaching, mercerizing, dyeing and finishing.

                  A blank check

                  Metal fiber and pure cotton yarn twisting process, due to the technology and equipment of the each is different, possible because of the metal fiber breakage and produce joint, or metal fibre because different out of tension, impact feel. So must strengthen the fabric inspection.

                  2 sewing

                  With pure cotton thread, fine sewing stitches. For sewing smooth, edge tidy, in order to prevent drift in boiling machine for sewing problem caused a lot of crease. Once the crease, is in the process, can't back out.

                  3 singeing

                  In order to better reflects the characteristic of metal fibre fabrics luster, improve the smoothness of cloth, using gas singeing. Two are LiangFan crater, speed of 90 ~ 95 m/min. Is important to note that cannot use cylinder singeing, because cylinder gassing temperature is too high, the metal fiber after high temperature heat is difficult to immediately send out quantity of heat, and will be a lot of heat to and together with cotton yarn, burning phenomenon. And easy to make metal fiber oxidation.

                  4 stenter to knit

                  Because of the shrinkage of metal fibre and cotton, cotton shrinkage rate is greater than the metal fibre, so before cooking on bleaching machine stenter anti-wrinkle treatment. The process flow By rolling anti-wrinkling agent (about 10 g/L, room temperature) - drying - stenter (temperature 100 ℃, the speed of 40 m/min)

                  5 boiled drift

                  Due to the partial weft are metal fiber, pretreatment should try to shorten the process, when in order to prevent the distortion of metal fibre and deformation, and cotton fiber damage phenomenon.

                  Available that cold pad-batch and continuous cooking drift, continuous cooking one bath bleaching with enzyme oxygen is better.

                  Scouring enzyme 4% (owf)

                  H2O2 (50%), 50% (owf)

                  Bath ratio 1:15

                  The temperature of 100 ℃

                  50 min time

                  Technological process:

                  Wet fabric to deal with fabric, hot water wash to wash in cold water

                  Cold pad-batch pretreatment process: process flow Pad scouring liquid to call volume, piled up - hot water wash -

                  Cold water washing and drying

                  Scouring liquid prescription/g & # 8226; L - 1

                  NaOH 50

                  H2O2 15

                  Scouring agent TY25 20

                  Sodium silicate 20

                  Degussa SN2S 2

                  Stacking time/h 20

                  6. The dyeing

                  General effect on metal fibre is not big, but to prevent the oxidation of the metal fibre, lead to dye the color change, or on the cloth color point.


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