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                  Impregnated non-woven fabrics—— polyester impregnated non-woven purposes

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                  Impregnated non-woven fabrics—— polyester impregnated non-woven purposes

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                  Impregnated non-woven fabrics——polyester impregnated non-woven purposes

                  Used for packing flowers, surgical masks, working clothes, chef hat, medical or abandoned materials, shoes lining, computer embroidery, lining, filtering material, composite wood, etc.

                  (1) flowers packaging, gift packaging

                  Color polyester non-woven color is yellow, red, blue, green, violet wait for a variety of color, colour is gorgeous, is now the most popular flowers and gifts packing material.

                  (2) make the chef hat

                  Polyester non-woven can be used to make the chef hat, white color, feel hard, have a degree.

                  (3) the lining

                  It is mainly used for shoes lining, polyester non-woven fabrics used to make clothing lining after gluing.

                  (4) computer embroidery

                  Filament and brittle polyester fiber non-woven fabrics used for embroidery.

                  (5) industrial compound

                  Non-woven composite with other materials can have the effect of protection products, especially the composite with wood veneer, the role of non-woven fabric is to prevent the wood skin damage, destroy, or torn, at the same time can increase the flexibility and stability of the wood.

                  (6) industrial filter

                  Filter material used to make industrial.

                  (7) flocking fabric

                  Used to make flocking substrate, flat cloth, and good uniformity.


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